Create A Great Author Website by Including these 7 Elements

Any author, self-published or not, should definitely have a website. There are many, many reasons why but I won’t go into detail now. Trust me when I say “get yourself a website.”

Is there a certain “type” of website I need? Yes. There are several different TYPES of websites. A lawyer wouldn’t set up their website the same as a little league baseball coach would. Nor would a software company’s site look like that of a makeup blogger.

So what do you need to include, or not include, on your author website?

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  1. Right there with you, Rebecca. Every year Writers’ Digest in one of their issues publishes a list of the top 100 websites for authors, which include some terrific examples of how to structure a website and what to include. I wish I could say I have followed their examples faithfully. I haven’t. I am simply constitutionally unable to avoid opining on stuff that interests me…something I’m told I should resist with might and main. I can’t. So under my blog, I’ve opted for an “opinion” section entitled right now, “As I see it…” That’s part of why my site is sub-titled “Author Unredacted.” I’m toying with the idea of rebranding the “As I see it” it section to read, “Nobody asked me, but…”

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Dirk! I like the title “Nobody asked me, but…”. I would definitely be interested to read some of those posts!

  2. I’ll post a link, next time I post to it. I have to cop that I didn’t dream that lead-in up. It used to be a column in the Naval Institute Proceedings which as a Marine officer involved in littoral warfare I read from time to time. The first time I ran across it, I loved the flavor of it and it’s kind of became part of my shtick.

    BTW…I’m doing some Pinterest work and one of my boards is going to include links to sites I like. If you like, I’ll drop a few pins directing to The Write Point. I almost just did it, but I thought I should probably ask, first. Let me know if and when… 😉