5 Successful Self-Published Authors’ Stories to Boost Your Confidence

If you’ve not heard the term independent publisher, you must live under a rock. Just kidding. You’ve probably heard it most often used as self-publishing. It’s not a new thing. Self-publishing has been around long before you and I were born. Does Mark Twain and Jane Austen ring a bell?

One major question most new writers have is whether they should seek traditional publishing or go it on their own.

Hopefully reading these success stories will help with your decision (if you’re leaning toward the self-publishing route).

1. Rachel Abbott https://www.rachel-abbott.com/

A former Managing Director turned self-published author has sold over 3 MILLION copies of her books. It only took 3 months for her first novel, Only the Innocent, to reach the number 1 spot in the Kindle store.

2. Adam Croft https://www.adamcroft.net/

Author and podcast co-host is a true advocate of independent publishing. He has more than 1.5 MILLION books sold, and remains one of the biggest selling authors in our time.

3. Michael J. Sullivan http://riyria.blogspot.com/

Now with over 1.4 MILLION books sold, it didn’t start out so easy for Michael. His story is a little different.

He wrote 13 novels in the 80s and 90s and received over 100 rejection letters. After finally landing a book deal in 2008, the traditional publisher actually didn’t have the money to print or market his work. He was forced into self-publishing but in the end, it paid off.

4. Carole Marsh https://www.carolemarshblog.com/

After writing her first book, Carole headed to New York only to be told to publish it herself. So she did.

Several books, and children, later, she is a thriving author and takes part in the success of her publishing company, Gallopade International.

5. E.L. James https://www.eljamesauthor.com/

It’s an assumption that everyone has heard of the Fifty Shades trilogy. Though I wonder does everyone know she self-published those books-turned-blockbuster hits?

The mother-of-two and former TV exec has seen much success from her decision to self-publish.


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