1 Very Useful Resource I Couldn’t Live Without

I have something SO great to share with you all but first let me say this:

Regardless if you are self-publishing or taking the traditional publishing route, marketing and advertising is a HUGE deal, if not the biggest.

You, as an author, are a brand and your book is your product. Every (good) brand has to market their product(s) and has to do it well.

Of course the Internet is full of resources to help get your book in the reader’s eye.

There are companies who specialize in marketing. There are companies who specialize in social media marketing, which is the #1 way to market now days. Not everyone can afford to pay a professional, I know I can’t. With the right marketing material, you can look pro without having to pay like a pro. I’m not saying that paying a professional is a bad idea…if you can afford to, please do so!!

This is where the resource comes in.

I’d like to share (and highly recommend) Placeit.

Some links and images in this post are affiliate links. If you decide to sign up, you’ll not get charged any differently than normal. By using my link you’ll be helping me out BIG TIME!

Placeit is an Envato company, and they’ve created “high-quality branding and marketing tools so anyone from individuals to large companies can create amazing visual assets for their brand regardless of technical or artistic skills. “

Here’s a video example of a book cover I did in less than 20 minutes. It only took me that long because I had to create a book cover.

Placeit has over 20,000 templates to use for projects anywhere from books and mugs to t-shirts and logos. The cost is $29 a month but you have access to UNLIMITED templates and downloads. To me, this is worth every penny.

Not only do they have book cover tools, they have IMO the easiest logo (if you need one) creator. You can use pre-made templates and just tweak it to match your style.

So, guys it’s worth at least a peek!! Head over, see what it’s all about and decide for yourself.

Do you already have Placeit? Share your experience with us.


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